School Calendar    

                              Aug 21                    Meet the Teacher
                              Aug 27                   First Day of School

                              Sept 3                 Labor Day Holiday        
                            Sept 19-20                  Fall Pictures
                               Oct 5              Teacher Workday-No School
                              Oct 25                        Fall Festival

                              Nov 15                  Thanksgiving Parties
                            Nov 19-23             Thanksgiving-No School

                              Dec 20                  Christmas Program
                         Dec 24-Jan 7             Christmas-No School

                              Jan 8                         Back To School
                             Jan 21                    MLK Holiday-No School

                            Feb 14                     Valentine Parties
                            Feb 18                 Presidents Day-No School
                            Feb 25                 Teacher Workday-No School

                           March 11-15             Spring Break-No School
                            April 17                            Easter Parties
                         April 18-19               Easter Holidays-No School
                         April 24-25                       Bike Parades

                              May 9                        Mother's Day Tea
                             May 22                        Summer Fun Day
                             May 23                  Pre K 4/Kinder Graduation
                             May 27                   Memorial Day-No School
                             May 30                        Last Day of School
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